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Christ's Joy Fulfilled in Us

There exists a difficulty in expounding the Gospel of John, notwithstanding the transparent simplicity of his style. There are two reasons for this. In the first place, John is a seer. He arrives at truth by intuition, not by argument. He does not reason, he simply sees. And it is fitting that the Apostle who lay upon Jesus' bosom, and who is called the Disciple whom Jesus loved, should apprehend the truth quite as much through the sympathy of the affections as by the exercise of the understanding. In the highest and purest sense of the word, John was the mystic of the Apostolic college, as Paul was the logician. The latter goes down with his massive reasoning into the bosom of the law, and seizes the eternal principles of justice and of right, and holds them up before the eyes of men; And then he lays the whole work of Jesus Christ over against these, and establishes the fact of our justification in the sight of God.