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Sexual Harassment: A Trojan Horse for the Media

The news media seems to set the tone for political and social discussion in our day. It should not be surprising therefore that much of that discussion has been rather shallow in character. One popular subject upon which the media has focused a great deal of attention in recent times has been the problem of sexual harassment.

What should we Christians think about this subject? It is not too difficult to discern why the media would find this a popular topic to address. Concern for this problem allows the media to portray itself as a compassionate champion of yet another group of oppressed people (i.e., the sexually harassed). It is a common trait of unbelieving men that they try to do good works to salve their conscience and justify themselves before others and before God. It should not surprise us that there are humanist do-gooders in our world. Man tries to make himself a "good guy" without confessing his sinfulness and fleeing to Jesus Christ for refuge. This is man's "fig-leaf agenda," - his attempt to cover his true nature and make himself presentable by his works of righteousness.