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For Whom Shall We Vote? Election Sermons Revived

A friend of mine recently quipped, "If God had intended for us to vote, He would have given us candidates!" It's sad that this kind of remark is funny. Each election in recent years has been a time of mourning. The closer you look at the candidates of the major parties, the more you are brought to grieve over the state of our nation.

Over 360 years ago, a tradition was begun in this country which has fallen into disuse in modern times. The tradition begun was that of the "election sermon" -- sermons preached on the mornings of the general elections of the colony or township. The purpose of these sermons (which incidentally were ordered by the legislatures of each colony) was to instruct the people on the biblical foundations of social order: the true nature and legitimate functions of the civil government, the duties of citizens under God, the duties of magistrates, and the biblical qualifications which ought to be true of those fit for leadership.