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What is Man? Dichotomy vs. Trichotomy Part 2

Man is essentially a unity neither a duality nor triality, not consisting of different components which can be laid out like the parts of an automobile engine. Every act of a man is seen as an act of the whole man. Man is not to be viewed as a two fold subject. It is not the soul that sins, but the man. God doesn't love the sinner and hate the sin. It is not merely the body but man that dies. It is not merely the soul that is redeemed, but the man, body and soul that is redeemed. These terms, body, soul, mind, spirit are different ways of looking at one person. "Soul" commonly refers to the whole person, as in Acts 2:41, 27:37, Jos. 10:28, I Kings 19:14, Mat. 6:26, Ezek. 18:14. In Gen. 2:7, when God breathed into Adam, he became a living being, body and soul (See Job 33:4, 32:8). While there are two elements in man, there is a real unity.