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What is the Future of Presbyterianism? Christ's Headship Over the Church

When was the last time you heard a sermon expounding the biblical texts related to church government? In the majority of denominations, you will probably never hear one sermon on the subject. In an age in which every sermon must be a three point path to dynamic Christian living, such studies are avoided like a bad rash. Two explanations for this neglect are immediately apparent.

(1) Discussions concerning church government will tend to polarize Christians of differing denominational affiliations. In an ecclesiastical culture that is driven by ecumenicalism, most preachers are afraid to say "thus saith the Lord" on the topic of church government. Such sermons would have the inevitable outcome of calling certain church organizations unbiblical. And we couldn't do that now, could we?

(2) Pastors are afraid of boring their congregations with studies that appear unrelated to daily living. Most pastors simply do not understand or appreciate the relationship that Christ sustains to his church. As a result, they are unwilling to do the necessary study and meditation in order to present the biblical data in a manner that will elevate the subject in the minds of their people, and teach them its relevance to Christian living.