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Last Will and Testament of William Huntington

I William Huntington, laborer in the Lord's vineyard at Effingham, Wooking and Richmond, in Surry, and at St. Mary-le-bone and Sunbury, in the county of Middlesex, being at this time at my residence in Winchester-Rowe, in the county of Middlesex aforesaid, and, though rich in Grace, in my right mind and memory, meditating on my certain approach to death, and "the house appointed orT all living," I do make and declare this to be my last Will and Testament, holograph, this tenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand, seven hundred and eighty-three, in manner and in following: That is to say: Imprimis: I commit my soul into the hands of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the exercise of that faith which is peculiar to God's elect, and, glory be to his name, without any doubt of my interest in his Everlasting Covenant. And I desire to bless the Father of all mercies, and God of all comfort, for his everlasting love to me a sinner for writing my worthless name in the book of life - for putting me into the hands of his dear son - for ordaining my everlasting salvation, life and glory by him - for drawing me to him, accepting me in him, and for begetting me to a lively hope through his glorious resurrection from the dead.