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Last Will and Testament of William Huntington Part 2

Seventhly: My daughter Naomi, the youngest daughter now living (whose name signifies agreeableness) and whom I so named to perpetuate the memory of God's providential care at the time of her birth. I had left my employ, and a ready-furnished lodging also, and had removed to Ditton, where I could get no accommodation but an empty room, though in expectation every day of my wife being taken in labor, but God raised up a few friends to furnish the place, and make it agreeable for my wife by the time it was wanted. Thus God caused the morrow to take thought for itself. Therefore Agreeableness is the name of the child. And I do give and bequeath my daughter Naomi to "The God of our father Abraham, before whom I have walked, the Angel who hath redeemed me from all evil, the God of grace and providence, who hath fed me all my life long unto this day; and fixed thee "bounds of my habitation."