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Sermon on Luke 5:1-11 - Catchers of Men Part 2

Knowing that Peter and the others now have the kind of mind-set that is required of a true disciple, Jesus answers Peter's confession of sin with this glorious promise, "Do not fear, from now on you will be catching men."

Time and again Jesus uses the images of fishing and dragnets to denote the preaching of the gospel, Mat. 4:19; Lk. 5:10. The manner in which the fishing is done is the focus of Jesus' attention. "First the net is dragged through the sea, and only after this work has been sufficiently performed, do the fishermen go to the shore to inspect the catch and make proper selection. This is an image of the way by which the kingdom comes. Preaching reveals the kingdom, for it is the Christ in whose service the 'fishers of men' are employed. But the kingdom will come in a different way from what might be supposed. This mystery is the real subject of the parable. Christ, (and the kingdom with Him), first comes to gather, and then afterwards, only after the gathering has been completed, does He make the definitive separation and reveal Himself in His perfect glory." - Ridderbos, pg. 140.