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The Road to National Greatness: Deuteronomy 4:5-8

The collapse of the Christian West may very well be past history. It is in vogue to speak of our "post-Christian culture." Isolated voices are raised in protest, but the clamor of relativism, existentialism, and antinomianism seek to silence them at every opportunity. This is not to say that Christendom is defeated. Hardly. The West's hard heart may shift the focus and growth of Christendom elsewhere for a time, but it will eventually return with all the glory and power of its Head, our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the midst of this crisis, there are a growing number of Christians who believe that we must return to God's law as the foundation of our society. While this view has prevailed in many Reformed churches since the Reformation, it remains one of the controversies among the conservative Christian forces left on this continent. Those who advocate a renewed ethical emphasis on the law of God in the public arena believe that the Christian West was founded upon God's law and can be restored to her former greatness only through saving faith in Jesus Christ accompanied by personal and national commitment to God's law.