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Greg Bahnsen Student/Scholar

I will not forget the year 1970 when Dennis Johnson, Roger Wagner, and Greg Bahnsen, three friends from Westmont College, first joined us at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia. They drove all the way from California to attend our Prospective Student Conference; the next fall they enrolled as first-year students. Their seminary years were a memorable time for me as a teacher, even something of a golden age, as I think back on it. Beside the Westmont Three, there was Vern Poythress, now Professor of NT at WTS, Wayne Grudem, who recently published a Systematic Theology, John Hughes, who earned his doctorate at Cambridge and is now a leading expert on the use of computers for theological study, Tiina Allik, who doctored at Yale and has taught theology, and several other future theological scholars. That was an exciting time at Westminster.