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Greg Bahnsen the "Churchman"

I want to say a few words of thanksgiving to God for the testimony and service of Greg Bahnsen as a churchman. Humanly speaking, I would not be a Presbyterian or a pastor today if it had not been for Greg's commitment to the visible, institutional church and its Christ-appointed ministry.

Greg was a dedicated and loyal Protestant - a Presbyterian - and an Orthodox Presbyterian. He believed that the Reformation had restored the church - as well as her doctrine to the pattern intended by Christ and set forth in the New Testament. But he also believed that many questions about the doctrine of the church and its life and ministry were being posed afresh in our day and needed contemporary biblical answers. In his lectures and writings he addressed such topics as the biblical necessity of church membership, the marks of the church, the validity of Roman Catholic (and apostate modernist) baptism, the practice of church discipline, and many other subjects both practical and theoretical.