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Greg Bahnsen: Growth in Trial

I grieve that we will not be able to hear any more of those debates, or to see to what extent he was really able to teach students his practical apologetic. It's certainly hard to imagine why God would have taken him when he may have been on the verge of making a major impact in the field of theological education here in the United States, in the former Soviet Union where he lectured to the leaders of society, indeed, potentially all over the world. I do hope that work will go on. For one thing, I would urge his colleagues and friends to look through his hundreds of tapes and articles to publish more volumes of his work. Greg considered carefully almost every theological and apologetic issue there is, and he did valuable work in church history and exegesis. As a fellow laborer in the field, I deeply wish I had Greg's thinking - in all these areas - at my fingertips.