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Worship, Hymns, And Theology

What we sing and what we believe are closely connected. In other words, there is a relationship between what a church or a people sing when they worship God, and their view of the God whom they worship. Patrick Cowley has expressed this point well, "It is theology that makes worship, and worship is always the expression of theology. It is only in theology that worship has its legitimate origin and sanction, and so the faith of the church is revealed in the worship of the church, as also in its daily work. Worship is the dramatization of theology, and is its living Technicolor film. As emphases in theology alter, so one finds changes in, or additions to, worship." (Cited by Jack Martin Maxwell: Worship and Reformed Theology: The Liturgical Lessons of Mersersburg. Pittsburgh Theological Monograph Series. no. 10. The Pickwick Press. 1976. p. 379.)