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Of Ruling Elders: The Office & Duties of Ruling Elders

The rule and government of the Church, or the execution of the authority of Christ therein, is in the band of the elders. All in office have rule, and none have rule in the church but elders: as such, rule doth belong to them. The apostles by virtue of their special office were entrusted with all church power; but therefore they were elders also; I Pet. v. 1; 3 John 1; see: Acts 21:17; I Tim 1:17. They are some of them on other accounts called bishops, pastors, teachers, ministers, guides; but what belongs to any of them in point of rule, or what interest they have therein, it belongs unto them as elders, and not otherwise, Acts 20:17, 18. The Scriptures affirm, first, that there is a work and duty of rule in the Church, distinct from the work and duty of pastoral feeding, by the preaching of the Word and administration of the Sacraments, Acts 20:28; Rom. 12:8; I Cor. 12:28; I Tim. v. 17; 2 Tim 4:5; Heb. 13:7, 17; Rev. 2:3.