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Luke: The Lives of the Twelve Apostles

We know more about Peter than we do any of the other of the . original Twelve Apostles. He ran a successful fishing business with his brother. They lived first in Bethsaida and then in Capernaum. His original name was Simon ben Jonas, but Jesus re-named him, Peter, meaning rock. Peter had a struggle with being steadfast and stable in his faith in Christ. He would sometimes sway from one position to its opposite. "He turned from trust to doubt, Mt. 14:28, 30; from open profession of Jesus as the Christ, to rebuking that very Christ, Mt. 16:16, 22; from a vehement declaration of loyalty to base denial, Mat. 26:33-35, 69-75; from 'by no means shalt thou wash my feet ever,' to 'not my feet only but also my hands and head,' Jn. 13:8, 9, - Nevertheless, by the grace and power of the Lord this changeable Simon was transformed into a true Peter." - Hendriksen. Besides writing I and II Peter, he was probably Mark's source of information for his Gospel; hence the reason for the early church referring to Mark as "Peter's interpreter."