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Book Reviews on Books by Zeeuw and Robertson

The Carpenter of Zerbst by P. de Zeeuw.

During the Reformation, the Maehler family faces great opposition and trial because of its stand in support of Martin Luther and his biblical beliefs. They are ultimately kicked out of the town and left without employment or living quarters.

Sing to the Lord: The Children of Asaph Sing the Psalms of David on the Tunes of John Calvin.

The Children of Asaph is a small children's choir that was formed to sing psalms and hymns to God's glory. This recording allows a larger audience to appreciate their labors and join with them in the praise of our triune God. The entire program of thirteen selections (in mainly vocal but including two instrumentals) lasts almost an hour. The listener can marvel anew at the varied gifts God gave Calvin as one hears these psalms sung to the tunes of Calvin. There is a richness and depth in these selections that is too often missing in much contemporary music. The selections exude a confidence in an Almighty God and thanksgiving in His victorious deliverances. Psalter selections include: 42, 116, and 121. Instrumental accompaniment includes flute, violin, cello and organ. Once again Church Music and Records has provided the listener with the opportunity to hear enduring psalms sung and played with meaning and a quiet, sure confidence. Hopefully this recording will be widely purchased and used in the lives of many for the building up of God's people more and more unto His glory.