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Book Reviews on Books by Henty and McGrath

Beric the Briton: A Story Of the Roman Invasion by G.A. Henty.

Long before the Danes invaded England (as chronicled in Henty's The Dragon and the Raven) the Roman army conquered British soil. In this welcomed reprint, Henty lets the reader see the invasion through the eyes of Beric who becomes leader of the Sarci tribe. When the Romans defeated the Sarci, youthful Beric is taken by the Romans and trained in Roman ways. Upon his return home he applies his new knowledge of fighting to the men he trains for battle. Such training leads to the sack of the Roman city of Camalodunum.

Life of John Calvin: A Study in the Shaping of Western Culture by Alister E. McGrath.

John Calvin's life merits study not only because of how God used him in his life but also because of his lasting influence since then. The author provides the reader with a biography of Calvin and also a study of his impact on western culture. Due to a lack of written records, mystery surrounds Calvin's early education and his conversion. The author draws his own conclusions from his study of available material. Such conclusions are reasonable and provide a plausible understanding of Calvin's early years.