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Book Reviews: Books by Hart and Pollitt

Defending the Faith: J. Gresham Machen and the Crisis of Conservative Protestantism in Modern America by D.G. Hart.

In this biography the author points out that what makes Machen interesting and deserving of more careful study was his unconventional dedication to both and old Protestant orthodoxy and a new (even 'modern') standard of religious pluralism" (p.9). The author then unfolds Machen's life for the reader. He also focuses on his scholarly writings, providing a good synapses of such works as The Origin of Paul's Religion and The Virgin Birth of Christ. The reader is made aware that scholarly Machen differed from many scholars in his day in that his presupposition was the inerrancy of Scripture. He also differed with fundamentalists in his view of the church's involvement in societal issues, eschatology and Christian liberty issues such as alcoholic beverages.

The Inter-faith Movement: The New Age Enters the Church by Herbert J. Pollitt.

Dr. Pollitt allows the reader to explore a dangerous and growing religious movement of our day - the inter-faith movement. Ignoring the plain truth of Christ's words, "No one comes to the Father except through Me" (John 14:6b), supporters of inter-faith believe and teach that God, the Being, can be reached by any number of religious pathways. This results in Christianity being pushed into the background. The author states his thesis as follows: "The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the marginalization of Christ in the emerging global religious, cultural and political consciousness of the age" (p.3).