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Book Reviews: Books by F. Lagaud Smith and Gordon T. Smith

ACLU: The Devil's Advocate: The Seduction of Civil Liberties in America by F. LaGaud Smith.

This volume provides a soundly researched examination of the policies and practices of the ACLU at the national level. The author believes that "the organization has exchanged its role as defender of the specific guarantees in the Bill of Rights for an activist expansion of civil liberties which reach beyond specifically articulated freedoms." (p.vii.)

Listening to God In Times of Choice: The Art of Discerning God's Will by Gordon T. Smith.

Determining the Lord's will amid a milieu of choices can cause the Christian much concern and anxiety. This volume focuses in on a key aspect of the decision making process that must accompany the faithful Christian throughout life. The author points out the need for Christians to develop godly discernment to employ daily. In so doing the decision making process becomes easier.