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Excerpts From Puritan Classics: The Saint's Everlasting Rest

Hath God set before us such a glorious prize as the saint's rest, and made us capable of such inconceivable happiness? Why then do not all the children of this kingdom exert themselves more to help others to the enjoyment of it? Alas, how little are poor souls about us beholden to most of us! We see the glory of the kingdom, and they do not. We see the misery of those that are out of it, and they do not. We see them wandering quite out of the way, and know, if they hold on, they can never come there, and they themselves discern it not. And yet we will not seriously show them their danger and error, and help to bring them into 1he way, that they may live. Alas, how few Christians are there to be found, that set themselves with all their might to save souls! No thanks to us, if heaven be not empty, and if the souls of our brethren perish not for ever. Considering how important this duty is to the glory of God, and the happiness of men, I will show how it is to be performed; why it is so much neglected; and then offer some considerations to persuade to it.