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The Unmistakable Marks of the Divine Authority of the Bible

The Larger Catechism speak simply of "the majesty" of the Bible, whereas the Confession of Faith expands the idea to "the majesty of the style" in which the Bible was written. The divine majesty of the style in which the Bible was written shines forth "no less from the simplicity than the weight of expression and that consummate boldness in commanding all without distinction, both the highest and the lowest." - Francis Turretin, Institutes of Elenctic Theology, Vol. I, pg. 64. Although some Biblical passages have more plainness, while others are written in a loftiness of style, nevertheless, a definite majesty characterizes the entire Bible, because throughout its passages it reveals the sovereignty and glorious splendor of the High and Holy One, who inhabits eternity, and who is majestic in holiness. Such expression of God's sovereignty and majesty, interspersed throughout the entire Bible, as when He speaks with awesome power, tend not only to grab our attention, but also strike us with awe and fear of God, before the description and display of the splendor of His majesty, Isaiah 2:19, 21.