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Trivial Discussions to Meaningful Communications

"We are also thankful that Bob's wife, Annette, agreed to contribute for the first time to the Counsel. Not only has she successfully raised her three children by God's grace, but also as a middle and high school English teacher at Chalcedon Christian School, she continues to mold the next generation for lifewide usefulness in the kingdom of Jesus Christ." - Chris Strevel

That Saturday morning twenty-seven years ago began as any other until a telephone conversation occurred which changed my ideas about communication forever. I thought I knew all about listening and sharing; after all, I had a degree in the teaching of English. However, that Saturday morning telephone call from a third grade teacher and friend who had come to visit us upon the birth of our third child revealed my inadequacies. The afternoon of her visit she made no reference to her observations but called on the following Saturday morning to tell me gently that I needed to learn to listen to my son, for when he learned that she was a third grade teacher he became quiet, refusing to converse with her. "Annette," this teacher said, "You must learn to listen closely; draw him out, and discover what is going on in his life."