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Rebirth of the Old School

Len Auton is a ruling elder at Covenant Presbyterian Church. He is married, has two sons; and is a material planning manager at the Boeing Co. Along with the editor he shares the blessing of having married into the same family.

"Be sure that the former issues are really dead before you bury them." - R.L. Dabney

On March 12, 1998, in a quiet suburb just outside Greenville, South Carolina, an event took place that may one day mark the rebirth of Old School theology in the South. On that date, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (GPTS) installed their first president, Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. So what does that have to with Old School Theology? In its short 10 1/2 years of existence, GPTS has stood unwaveringly on the side of orthodoxy and in the historical stream of Old School Theology. The seminary's unabashed emphasis on Old School Theology was borne out by the lecture series topic. The inauguration service was preceded by a series of lectures on Old School versus New School Theology. It was impossible to come away from the event without a deep appreciation that this school, like no other of its kind today, is firmly grounded in Old School Theology. We live in a day in which the spirit of compromise reigns supreme and no place has this spirit been more evident than in the once great reformed seminaries of our land. The installation of a president not only signifies a major milestone in the history of GPTS but it marks another significant step toward a return to biblical Christianity in the South.