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The Consequences of Christ's Suffering

Every human being has In some way benefited from the undeserved, incomparable sufferings and death of Jesus Christ. Hence, He can be called, "the Savior of all men, especially of believers," I Tim. 4:10. Therefore, we, as Christians, are able to endure patiently any unjust persecution for Christ, which God has willed that we undergo, I Pet. 3:17; because, when we do, we are like Christ, close to Christ, and a benefit to other people.

I Peter 3:18-22, which focuses on the consequences of Christ's suffering, is one of the most difficult passages in the whole Bible to interpret correctly; but, as we learn how to interpret it, we will be sharper in interpreting any other Biblical text. Furthermore,what we will learn from this text is worth the time, effort and struggle put into the interpreting of it.