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Old Testament Dietary Laws

Are the Old Testament Dietary Laws Binding on the Christian Today? No.

Does the Bible Advise Christians Today to Use the Dietary Laws in Their Daily Diet? No.

Were the Dietary Laws Given for Hygienic & Nutritional Reasons? No.

For centuries Reformed Christians have not asked these questions because they knew the answer to them before they thought to ask them. Had they asked them they would have answered "No" to all three. Today some Christians have differing answers. To these questions some would answer "Yes" to all three, while others answer "No" to the first but "Yes" to the second and third. Today some Christians desiring to be healthier by eating nutritional foods and avoiding substances harmful to the body hold that the observation of dietary laws of the Old Testament will make one's diet more nutritional, and that God either commands or advises us to keep these dietary laws. While we recognize the importance of good nutrition, must we go along with this modern view toward the Old Testament dietary laws?