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Critical Reflections on Roman Catholicism

ANTITHESIS: A REVIEW OF CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN THOUGHT AND CULTURE claims to be "the new vanguard of Christian thought and culture," and I agree that it is. I know of no periodical superior to it. But what else would you expect from a publication so closely identified with Greg Bahnsen!

Most of the sixty pages of the September/October 1990 issue of ANTITHESIS dealt with "Reflections on Roman Catholicism." The most important articles in this issue were:

"Romeward Bound: Evaluating Why Protestants Convert to Catholicism" by David Hagopian.
"New Confusions for Old: Rome and Justification" by Roger Wagner
"Enduring Anathemas of the Roman Catholic Eucharist" by Douglas Jones
"The Concept and Importance of Canonicity" by Greg Bahnsen
"Issue and Interchange: Does Scripture Teach SOLA SCRIPTURA?" by Douglas Jones

This fresh, up-to-date, and intellectually vigorous critique of the fundamental errors of Roman Catholicism is thoroughly biblical, sensitive, persuasive, entertaining, and easy-to-read. The reason for this critical reflection on Roman Catholicism's doctrines of justification, the Lord's Supper, and the canonical authority of the Bible is the recent defection of several Presbyterian ministers to Roman Catholicism. Each of these articles is written with clarity and scholarship. Each reveals the author's thorough, familiarity with his subject and his total commitment to the finality of Biblical authority.