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The Heresy of Rome: Warfield & Lloyd-Jones

Two of the greatest proponents of Biblical, Reformed Christianity in the Twentieth Century were Benjamin B. Warfield and D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, both of whom, as would be expected, had pronounced views on Roman Catholicism. In fact, both of them wrote on the subject. This article is only an abbreviation and summary of their comments, with the hope that the reader will obtain their works and read them for themselves. The two works drawn from here are Warfield's book, THE PLAN OF SALVATION, (Wm. B. Eerdmans Pub. CO., 1955, Grand Rapids, Mich.), especially chapter III, entitled, "Sacerdotalism," and Lloyd-Jones article, ROMAN CATHOLICISM, (THE TRINITY REVIEW, March/April 1985, Number 42, The Triniry Foundation, PO Box 169, Jefferson, Md.).