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When is the Great Tribulation?

In this study I will analyze a portion of Scripture which has generated much debate in Church history and caused much confusion in evangelicalism today: Matthew 24:1-34. This long standing debate is unfortunate, for I believe this passage is not so difficult when we approach it properly, listening to the voice of God in both testaments. Modem evangelicals are So New Testament oriented that we sometimes overlook the Old Testament backdrop to New Testament passages such as this one.

My task is to consider the portion of the Olivet Discourse that prophecies "the Great Tribulation." Undoubtedly, in our modern evangelical context of popular apocalypticism and interest in all things eschatological, this passage comes to people's mind as they ask: "Are we living in the days? Is our time the time of the fulfillment of these prophecies?" This especially is a lively topic today in that the Jews returned to the land of Palestine in 1948 and since we are about to turn the calendar to the year 2000.