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Evangelicalism, The Charismatic Movement & The Race Back to Rome

If space allowed we would print the entire six pages of this important article. The sections we must omit are the first three pages on historical background and the last page on the "fulfillment" of prophecy. The heart of the article is reprinted here with permission. The complete article is so important, that I recommend you purchase it for yourself.

The concern of the article is this: since the Protestant Reformation of the Sixteenth Century there have been drifts in Protestantism back to the unbiblical emphases of Roman Catholicism. Robbins begins his article with these words: "The sixteenth century rediscovery of the Bible's objective message of justification by faith alone invaded the consciousness of men with divine power and changed the course of history. The Protestant movement was founded upon a restoration of the primacy, supremacy and all-sufficiency of the Bible and justification by faith."