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Christian Meekness

We read in the New Testament that our heavenly Father highly values a meek spirit in his children. Contrary to the modern focus upon asserting, vindicating, and glorifying the self, God calls us to a life of humble submission to him and self-abasement before men. Because meekness is such an important aspect of the godly man's character, its development must become a priority for all who call upon the name of Jesus Christ. In order to ascertain the nature, qualities, and rewards of meekness, we may turn to our Lord's famous statement in Matthew 5:5: "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

The description of the Christian man as meek is the third beatitude in the opening section of Christ's famous sermon. It follows consequentially from the previous two. Meekness is present in the man who has come to know something of his sinfulness before God (poor in spirit) and is thus broken and contrite. Meekness, therefore, has a fundamental Godward reference, the effect of personal honesty respecting man's sinful condition and thankfulness for the grace of God revealed through Jesus Christ. Meekness leads us to accept humbly whatever circumstances he is pleased to bring our way, good or evil, without complaining, bitterness, or rebellion. Then, viewing himself biblically, the meek man is thus able to bear all manner of injury inflicted upon him by others with a patient, gentle, and forgiving spirit.