Sola Scriptura

Again today it can be said that no one has expressed the Roman Catholic view of the Bible as Roman priest Henry G. Grahame in his book, WHERE WE GOT THE BIBLE, which has gone through about 20 printings since it was first published in 1911, (Rockford: Illinois, Tan Books and Publishers, Inc.)

"Our Blessed Lord Himself never, so far as we know, wrote a line of Scripture-certainly none that has been preserved. He never told His apostles to write anything. He did not command them to commit to writing what He had delivered to them...What He commanded and meant them to do was precisely what He had done Himself, viz ....-deliver the Word of God to the people by the living voice...not intrust their message to a dead book...and so by a living tradition, preserving and handing down the Word of God as they had received it, to all generations...." - pp. 17-18