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Living for Christ as a Student

Having been a high school principal, teacher, and parent, I have heard more than one hundred student graduation speeches. I was quite impressed on the night of Geneva Academy's first graduation to hear Josh Bailey's challenging address to himself and his classmates. Never have I heard a young man take a stand for Jesus Christ and challenge others to do the same in the way Josh did. He explained to his listeners in emphatic terms, backed by scripture, what it means to live for Jesus Christ. Josh cited that the world will present temptations, but strength from Christ enables the Christian to withstand those temptations. It became obvious to me, not far into the speech, that Christ has his hand on this young man and has provided some tremendous Christian teaching since early childhood from his parents, his ministers, and the teachers in the Christian schools he has attended the last two years. Josh is a prime example of the kind of student we want all of our graduates of Geneva Academy to be -- devotedly Christian with an eagerness for learning throughout life!