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The Beautiful Beatitudes: Blessed Are the Pure in Heart

We come today to the sixth beatitude. Each of the beatitudes follows a definite sequence of thought our Lord begins by speaking of the blessedness of having a Personal knowledge of one's own moral nakedness and poverty. The first beatitude is a foundational blessing which then leads on to all the others. Having understood clearly my own moral and spiritual bankruptcy, I go on to mourn about my condition. I truly deplore my wretched sinfulness and earnestly long to let God know how very sorry I am for my shameful condition and conduct.·But God comforts me with the stupendous good news that he has done something about my sin which makes it possible to be forgiven and be accepted as a righteous person in his holy eyes. This produces in me a very humble and meek attitude. I no longer strut and boast about any supposed or pretended righteousness. I don't have to defend my ego from anything any more. I see myself as I really am and I am abased by what I know about myself.