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The Hebrews' Hall of Faith Part 3

The account of Noah in verse 7 teaches one primary lesson: faith in God's Word leads to life while unbelief leads to death. These Hebrew Christians were thus confronted with two choices: remain faithful to Christ during hardship and thereby obtain life and salvation, or turn away from him and forfeit the same. Before descending to the particulars of the text, there are several additional facts the Bible gives about Noah's life that we should notice: (1) His birth was accompanied by a prophecy of deliverance (Genesis 5:29). The Church, being grieved by the wickedness with which she was surrounded, was led by God's Spirit to see in Noah the hope of deliverance from the evil that was then engulfing the earth. (2) Noah was walking in a justified state before the flood (Genesis 6:8, 9). God had graciously called Noah unto himself. Noah responded to God's grace by "walking with God," just as Enoch had done. Hence, we see that the building of the ark is not the reason that Noah was justified,but the proof that his heart was right with God, or, the fruit of true faith. (3) Throughout his life, Noah was employed as a preacher of righteousness (2 Peter 2:5). This ministry was exercised daily while he was building the ark. Hence, the people of that day not only saw the outward evidence that God was angry with the world, but they heard God's Word warning them of judgment and offering them salvation through the ark. (4) Noah was the leader of a group of eight people, all of whom were family members, who survived the great worldwide flood..