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The Hebrews' Hall of Faith Part 4

The author of Hebrews now turns to Sarah's faith in God's promises and role in the Old Testament church. Like Abraham, her faith was a remarkable display of submission to God's Word. There has been controversy surrounding verse 11, and some do not believe that it properly refers to Sarah, but to Abraham. The Greek verb translated "to conceive seed" (katabole), is the standard term for "to father a child." Hence, it is sometimes claimed that this verb could not properly be applied to Sarah, but must instead refer to Abraham as subject of the verse and the father of the child. Moreover, how can Sarah be commended for her faith when she laughed at the divine messenger of the covenant (Genesis 18:12)? [It should also be noted that this verse continues to be used as a proof that the Bible is not inspired. It supposedly teaches that the woman creates seed in the conception process even as the man does. While the woman does contribute an egg, the man provides the seed. Hence, the Bible contains a scientific error.] There are three considerations that necessitate a rejection of this hypothesis and support the view that the verse properly refers to Sarah.