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Ordained Praise: "The Time of My Life"

What follows in summary form is the story of "The Time of My Life", a musical written by Becky Morecraft and Judy Rogers four years ago. The play was beautifully performed by 75 students of Chalcedon Christian School with songs taken from Why Can't I See God and Walkin' Wise.

Andy Anderson was a boy who desperately needed a major change, but had grown quite indifferent to all the good Christian teaching of his childhood. His parents thought everything was fine until a typical Wednesday night rolled around and Andy, insensitive to the usual prayer meeting schedule, casually asked his dad to borrow the car. "Don't you know what night this is?" his dad asked. "Yeah, whined Andy, it's church night, but me and the guys have other plans." "Son, I know what it is to be young and-" "Forget it, Dad! I'm not into this church thing like you and Mom! I'm young - I wanna have fun!", and he sulked out of the room slamming the door emphatically behind him.