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Denominational Growth

Covenant Presbytery of the RPCUS met on Jan. 27-28,2001, in Haslett, MI, to organize the "Chalcedon Christian Church."

A petition to be organized as a particular church was submitted to the RPCUS by eight households. These families nominated Rev. Brian Schwertley, former Associate Pastor of the Southfield RPCNA, as their minister. Mr. Miguel Gutierriez and Mr. Ed Burley were also nominated to serve as Ruling Elders in the newly forming church.

Prior to the organizational meeting of the church, the three nominees for the offices of Teaching and Ruling Elder were thoroughly examined in an all day session of the Presbytery. They were unanimously and enthusiastically approved to be presented to the congregation as eligible for election by the congregation. All three men demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the system of doctrine and gave evidence of maturity, wisdom, and genuine pastoral experience and concern.