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What's So Controversial About the New Controversy?

My heart hurts as I write this, but I must because the truth of the gospel is at stake (Galatians 1:6-10). In the winter of 2002 the Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church Pastors' Conference took place in Monroe, Louisiana. The speakers were Steve Wilkins, Steve Schlissel, Douglas Wilson, and John Barach. Norman Shepherd was supposed to be one of the speakers but he was providentially hindered in the loss of his wife. Since then we have often prayed that God would bring him comfort.

I have carefully listened to all the lecture tapes of this conference and have read related material by some of the lecturers. I have spent hours studying the roots of the perspective presented at this conference. I earnestly and sadly believe that what was presented by these men, all of whom have made major contributions to the advance of the Reformed Faith in the late Twentieth Century, represents at best a blurring of the gospel of Christ, and at worst, a betrayal of that gospel. This is not to say that all they presented was in error, but it is to say that misrepresentations, caricatures, reckless statements, deceptive statements and departures from the truth of God were intermixed with the good things they said. This makes their statements all the more dangerous, since careful discernment is necessary to distinguish truth from plausibly expressed falsehoods.