A Snake on a Pole

What is the most important question that any human being can ever ask? It can be asked in several ways: How can I live to the glory of God? What does God require of me? How does God want me to live my life? How can I live so as to please God? What does God desire of me? But all of these questions amount to the same question - the most important question any of us can ever ask - "How should I live so as to glorify God with my life?"

Until a person is brought by the Holy Spirit to ask this question with the sincere desire to live with the answer, he or she is living for himself or herself, and therefore is a rebel in God's universe. Until he asks this question, his primary concern is how he wants to live, how he can live so as to please himself, how he can satisfy the desires of his own heart. Until he asks this question, he is pretending that he is not created in God's image for he has no intention of living for God's pleasure and enjoying Him forever. He is living in complete self deception.