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Let My Children Go: Why Parents Must Remove Their Children From Public Schools NOW

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I offer the following appraisal of Rev. E. Ray Moore's new book, Let My Children Go. This excellent tool is designed to recapture K-thru-12 Christian education as a church-related and family-related ministry. Rev. Moore has put together what could be the very instrument used to help turn American culture away from the abyss of intellectual and spiritual decay. But before the church can restore its God-ordained role towards assisting the K-thru-12 education of Christian children, its pastors and other leaders must comprehend and apply what Moore identifies as "a Biblical theology of education."

In Let My Children Go, Rev. Moore, through the use of God's Word and traditional Christian worldview logic, paves the way for our realization of the sharp differences between the mission of humanist-oriented, state education contrasted with the Biblical basis for Christian education in the home and private schools. Many of these differences are seemingly harmless until one examines them with the light God gives each and every Christian. And, according to Moore, we must set aside our humanist inclinations and consider this issue from God's perspective, not our own. We must apply God-centered thinking, as opposed to man-centered thinking when it comes to encouraging the church towards "a Biblical theology of education."