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The Monroe Four Speak Out (With a Response)

Two Interviews on the "Monroe" Doctrines espoused at Auburn Ave. Presbyterian Church Pastor's Conferences.

The Christian Renewal magazine last year published two interviews conducted by Gerry Wisz on the Auburn Avenue Controversy. The first interview featured "The Monroe Four." A follow-up response was given by Robert Godfrey, president of Westminster Seminary in California and a minister in the URC; Cornel Venema, president at Mid-America Reformed Seminary and a minister in the CRC; and two of the RPCUS presbyters who offered the resolutions against the Monroe teachings to their presbytery, Paul McDade, evangelist and pastor of West Tennessee Reformed Mission and Henry Johnson, pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Tazewell, Virginia. (Dr. Godfrey's and Dr. Venema's consent to this interview should not be understood to mean they necessarily concur with the resolutions of the RPCUS presbytery.) They are reprinted here as submitted to us by Mr. Wisz with their permission.