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A Church Blazing With Vision

The Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States (RPCUS) was born in 1983 out of a continuing struggle to uphold the all-embracing, inerrant authority of the Bible as the Word of God, to maintain the purity of the church and to proclaim the truth of the Reformed faith "in all openness unhindered."

We believe that God has called us into existence to glorify him by being faithful to the Word of God, the historic Reformed faith of the Protestant Reformation, and the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. We agree with the late R.B. Kuiper who wrote, "The truth of the matter is that we believe that the Reformed faith is the Christian faith in its most comprehensive and consistent formulation Christianity in its purest and most precise expression." By this conviction we do not seek to judge all non-Reformed evangelicals as unbelievers. We simply insist that there is ultimately only one true religion taught in the Bible, and we believe that the most consistent and best expression of that religion is the Reformed faith. We are urgent and insistent about calling Christians and the Church back to the Reformed faith because as B.B. Warfield, a Princeton theologian of the last century, expressed it, "It may be contended that the future, as the past, of Christianity itself is bound up with the fortunes of the Reformed faith."