Unanswered Prayer

A woman with a husband and two children recently died of cancer. I can't figure out why God allowed an awful disease to cut down a precious person in the prime of her life. I don't know why God allowed her husband and children to lose someone so dear to them, or why her parents, brothers, sisters, and friends had to go through crushing grief I don't know why she got sick and died. I do know that it wasn't due to a lack of prayer.

My friend's sister prayed many times for healing. Her husband and children prayed. Her brothers and sisters prayed. Her parents prayed. Her friends prayed. Entire congregations prayed. Many, many of us prayed and prayed and prayed that she would be healed. At times it even looked like the prayers were being answered in a thrilling way. There were encouraging reports, and our hopes rose. But those hopes were dashed by cruel cancer, and she died. Why did so many prayers bring such a crushing result? How could God not give healing and long life in response to so many prayers for such a beloved person?