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The Biblical Standard for Covenant Fathers and Family Worship

When voices are raised on every side prescribing solutions for all our social and domestic problems, which are too often mutually contradictory, where shall we turn to find the right way and to whom shall we listen with confidence as truly authoritative? Ours is an age in which the very foundations of family and nation are not only threatened, but are breaking up and disintegrating. All too often our churches attempt to counteract the forces of their own attrition by introducing stylish new programs and methods aimed at the youth or young married couples or for the golden years generation depending on particular situations. While much of this looks sound and reasonable at first glance, I do not believe it stands the test of close examination by the light of Scripture. While we specialize in particular age groups and ignore the family almost completely. We devise an endless variety of special programs and activities replete with the most graphic displays and teaching aids. How dramatically does the old Heidelberg Catechism cut to the heart of these vain and unbiblical efforts at Question 98: But may not pictures be tolerated in churches as books for the laity? No, declares the answer, for we should not be wiser than God who will not have his people taught by dumb images but by the lively preaching of his Word.