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The Duty of Church Members to the Elders

Parents often tell their children that they must discipline them because, as parents, they must obey God, and God commands them to discipline their children. They would be disobeying God not to discipline them. The children are to obey God and God commands them to obey their parents, Eph. 6:1. Now let's apply that same logic, if you will, to another issue, the submission and obedience of church members to those who are their God-appointed overseers, bishops, elders. Obedience to God, to Christ, and to the gospel is fundamental for all believers in the new covenant, I Peter 1:2, Psalm 110:3. God commands you to submit to those who rule over you. Therefore, you must obey and submit to your church leaders. Thus, if you are to ohey God, just as your children are to obey you, you must obey those in authority over you and submit to them as church leaders.