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Drury's Dramatic Diatribe Against Christianity in Politics

Since conservative Christians in North America have become more serious about political activism beginning in the mid-1970s or so, a plethora of books has been written about the supposed threat posed by the Christian Right. And with many Christians still politically active, it's no surprise that books continue to appear warning of the peril that such Christians pose to government and society. They tend to be books "exposing" the allegedly sinister political activities of groups such as Moral Majority or the Christian Coalition. Recently, however, a more sophisticated attack on conservative Christian politics has appeared, Terror and Civilization: Christianity, Politics, and the Western Psyche (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004) by Shadia Drury. This book is more philosophical than the run-of-the-mill variety. It attempts to deal with more foundational issues than whether certain Republican politicians have ties to "fundamentalist" organizations.