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The Necessity of Joining a Local Church

We live in an age where there are professing Christians who have lost sight of the purpose of the local church, who do not fully grasp the importance of its ministry in the plan of God. There are those who believe that one really does not have to be an integral part of a local church to grow as a Christian. There are those who no longer see the value or the centrality of preaching in the worship of God. It is not uncommon that "preaching of sermons" in Sunday morning services is giving way to differing types of methodologies, such as the use of overhead projectors, power point presentations, drama skits, etc. Hence, the nature of the church and its mission is undergoing a transition today. We must ask ourselves if all these innovations are biblical. We surely don't want to do anything that would be displeasing to the Lord of the church since it is His church.

The church of the Lord Jesus Christ will always be of central importance in God's plan for humanity. The church is the apple of God's eye, as it were. The church is the bride of Christ, for whom our Lord shed His precious blood in order to redeem from the ravages of sin.