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Are We Involved in a Culture War or a Religious War?

For too long, Christians have reacted to each issue (i.e. abortion) as though it was just another in a string of issues initiated by non-Christians to destroy our culture. The hectic way by which we go from issue to issue must appear to non-Christians like a Chinese Fire Drill. The Biblical way to approach cultural issues is to determine how each issue fits into God's overall plan and offer a response that conforms to that plan. As an example, suppose the Supreme Court makes a ruling that obviously conflicts with the original intent of the U.S. Constitution. Jumping up and down, writing our elected representatives, or demonstrating our dissatisfaction in front of the Supreme Court building, or even clamoring for a Constitutional amendment, will not result in correcting the problem. The basic problem can only be addressed by electing Christian representatives so that Christian judges and Supreme Court Justices can be appointed (or wayward ones impeached). Our culture's problems will not be solved by electing conservative (non-Christian) representatives to offset and outnumber liberal (non-Christian) representatives. The only solution is to work for, support, and vote for Christian representatives who will not pass any legislation that doesn't conform to God's Word (and who will also work to remove nonChristian laws from the books). Conservative common sense will not solve our problems, but Christian sense (based upon God's inerrant revealed Word) will. What we are facing is a conflict of faiths, not a series of unrelated social issues.