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Giving Students the Whole Picture

When the sixth grade students at Cornerstone Preparatory Academy study shipwrecks, they not only study the history of the Titanic, Lusitania, and the Empress of Ireland, they also read fiction (The Swiss Family Robinson and The Cay) about people who were shipwrecked and nonfiction about the discovery of shipwrecks in their literature class. In science they study oceanography, buoyancy, and Boyle's Law. They simulate an oceanographic research team that uses clues from a note found in a bottle to locate a stranded family who has been shipwrecked on an uncharted island. Everything is studied from a Biblical worldview, including character issues related to the captains and crews on the ships that were wrecked. An integrated curriculum at every grade level is the hallmark of this University Model School, just beginning its second year in Acworth, Georgia.