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Danger in the Camp Review by Michael Miller

Danger in the Camp: An Analysis and Refutation of the Heresies of the Federal Vision is a must read for every Christian, from the pastor on down to the layman in the church pew! In this scholarly work, Reverend John Otis addresses the doctrines of the Federal Vision, to determine if Orthodox Christianity is in fact endangered by this new doctrinal paradigm. He painstakingly lays out the basis for the historical reformed positions expressed in the confessions and creeds, as understood in the Scriptures. He then compares the teachings of the Federal Vision with these positions, producing a sound argument against the Federal Vision. Anyone who has been exposed to these teachings would have to admit that it has been a confusing and complex controversy at best. Reverend Otis has undertaken the difficult task of bringing light and clarity to this controversy. After reading his book, I was challenged to return to the basic doctrines that I had once been taught from scripture that had been the beauty of the reformed faith It reminded me of Paul's exhortation to young Timothy to "Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine." (1 Tim 4: 16)